Hey y'all!! I'm new to this thing, I am starting a blog just because I like writing, I love reading and I love to be able to share my thoughts and also tips on things, I want to make a change. I called it "Just Bullshittin" because that is exactly what this will be. I am going to be sharing many things from physical and mental health, fitness tips, the importance of taking care of your mind, tips on reducing stress and anxiety and embracing your best self and being completely yourself. I want to help people become confident, especially women. I will talk about touchy topics, talk about sex and embracing femineity. The importance of lifting weights and eating good whole foods. But I also want to post short stories and poetry, and sometimes just thoughts on random things happening in the world. I want honest feedback and openness from everyone. This will be a safe place. I will even dive into meditation and breathwork. So, give me a follow, read my bullshit and become most confident and healthiest self!! Hopefully you like my stories too.